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Housing - Possession claim - disrepair - housing association

X is one of three remaining tenants in conversion requiring refurbishment. Landlord wants all to move but is meeting resistance. X complains of defective space and water heating and withholds rent. Landlord claims possession and X counterclaims.

Going to court

Judge awards damages in excess of arrears and landlord has to pay costs of £28,000.
There is unfavorable local press coverage resulting in considerable reputational damage to landlord.

With CFJ

In positive atmosphere of CFJ mediation X is re-housed, along with other tenants and her arrears are written off. Landlord pays CFJ’s fees of £3,500. Refurbishment goes ahead two years ahead of programme and relationships are restored, with staff freed up to concentrate on main stream activities.

Benefits of using CFJ to landlord:

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