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Our People

CFJ is run by its board and staff from its offices in London. Its cases are handled by a carefully selected external panel of specialist lawyers.

Our Lawyers

Our Lawyers are experienced and highly regarded specialists at the top of their field. Your lawyer will be chosen as the most suitable for your case.  Your lawyer will be familiar with the area of law and practice relevant to your dispute.

Where you want to find a constructive solution through mediation, your lawyer will also be an accredited mediator.

CFJ has been set up for you. It is our role to research and find you the very best lawyer and we have the whole profession to choose from. We are independent and not linked to any firm or chambers.  Our lawyers do not pay for referrals or to be on our panel.

Centre for Justice Directors and staff

Our Directors are all leaders in their respective fields and come from a range of backgrounds representing all sectors. This ensures we have an insight into the needs and priorities of all in the community.

Our staff are committed professionals dedicated to making CFJ the place to go for anyone in dispute.  They are mostly lawyers and trained and supervised to ensure you receive a user-friendly, responsive and quality service.  They will ensure you and your needs are fully looked after and met.

Your case manager will actively manage your case, to ensure the highest standards, and that you get the right result, on time and within the cost given.

As a not for profit legal service our staffs sole concerns are your concerns.

If you would like to find out any more, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions. Call us on 020 7849 6963