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Cases ADR can deal with

Whatever your problem, if it can be decided in a civil court or tribunal,  ADR may be the best solution for you.


Family break up is difficult, but ADR can help reduce the stress and anxiety and help you make the best arrangements for you and your family.  It can help you resolve the issues quickly and at a much lower cost than going through the courts.


Whether you are leasing, buying and selling, or experiencing a problem with a neighbours, boundaries, or service charges, ADR will sort out the problem quickly and sensibly.


Taking a claim to tribunal can be stressful and damaging to health, relationships and future prospects.  With ADR the problems are sorted out quickly, sympathetically and confidentially, allowing you to get an appropriate settlement and to  get on with your life.


If you have a problem with a contract, a contractor or client, or a problem in the boardroom or with partners, whatever the size of your business,  ADR will resolve this for you with as little difficulty and as little cost and time spent, as possible


If you have bought goods or services and things go wrong,  you want these put right, or to get compensation.  ADR will sort any dispute out with the least time and money spent.

Banking and Finance

Your banking, investment and pensions arrangements are important to you.  ADR will resolve any dispute over these quickly and affordably.


If an insurer refuses to meet what you consider a valid claim,  you will want your claim sorted out quickly and to get your money.  ADR will help resolve the problem for you without expensive legal fees or long delays.

Building disputes

If you have employed a builder and are having problems,  ADR will help you get this sorted out effectively and affordably.


Problems over inheritance and family trusts can be resolved through ADR quickly, with the least damage to relationships, and without using up the funds in the estate or trust in a long drawn out legal battle.

Whatever the problem you are having, ADR will make things easier and help you come to the best solution with the least distress and uncertainty. It will help you resolve the issues quickly and at a much lower cost than going through the courts.

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