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Case Studies

Insurance - Household Building Policy - Fraud

Household building policy – fraud

Insurance company sought to recover around £50,000 it had paid out under household policy, on the basis of fraud. VAT of £7,500 had been fraudulently claimed on an invoice where no VAT had been charged or was payable.

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Public liability

Structural collapse - consequential loss

Supermarket operator building a store over a railway cutting, through which Y Co had a license to run trains. Supermarket has public liability insurance cover for:

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Insurance - Negligence - water damage to hotel

Negligence - water damage to hotel

A south coast hotel company was undertaking a substantial refurbishment which was due for completion in late spring 2010. The project ran behind schedule and the profitable summer holiday season was missed. In late summer the hotel suffered water damage with a repair cost of £90,000.

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