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Centre for Justice is committed to providing an accessible website to all its users, including those with disabilities. 
The website endeavours to conform to the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) web content accessibility guidelines. Non-W3C formats (Flash, PDF etc.) or multimedia will only be used where they are the most appropriate format for the content in question. Where non-compliant content is provided all reasonable efforts will be taken to make accessible and equivalent alternatives available. 

Maintaining an accessible site is an ongoing process. We will regularly review the needs of our users including those with disabilities and the performance of the current website in meeting those needs. Any developments to Centre for Justice online content will be tested for conforming to W3C guidelines and specifications.

Change the way the site looks to suit you

You can change the way the website looks by using the following accessibility features.

Change the text size

To increase or decrease the text size of the website simply adjust your browser’s settings. This setting is found in the 'View' menu of most browsers.  

Other text and colour changes

Some browsers allow you to change the default font and background colours you use. These settings are usually found in the 'Options' or 'Preferences' menus.  

Use a “plain” layout

Many browsers allow you to turn off the layout and styling aspects of the website. If your browser supports this setting you will most likely find it in the 'View' menu.  

Keyboard access

Most browsers let you skip from link to link using the TAB key. To move backwards, hold down SHIFT and press the TAB key.  

Access keys

Access Keys are keyboard shortcuts to common pages on a website. This website does not currently use Access Keys as there is evidence that suggests they can interfere with browser keyboard controls.


We use PDF format for the forms on our site. You will need Adobe reader (or another PDF viewer) to view these documents. 

Supported Browsers

While we can not support every platform we are endeavouring to support as many browsers as possible.
IE7 and above
Firefox 2+
Safari 5+

We welcome suggestions and comments from our users. Should you experience any difficulties in accessing information on the site or have any questions regarding accessibility please contact us by telephone (Tel: 020 7263 2553) or email (Email: accessibility@centreforjustice.org)


If you would like to find out any more, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions. Call us on 020 7849 6963